Laundry and Drycleaning Prices

Our prices speak for themselves, highly competitive with other suppliers in your area offering similarly high standards. From our hand finished suits and shirts to our pocket freindly bulk laundry (service wash) and bulk dry cleaning services - we do it all.

Fully Inclusive Prices

Zoots prices for laundry, dry cleaning, alterations and repairs and leather and suede are fully inclusive of collection and delivery.
Please note that minimum order for your postcode applies.

To view prices, select a service (e.g. LAUNDRY £) then select a category (e.g. Shirt Service)

Some items (e.g. Curtains and large Table Cloths) are priced after collection.

Don't see your item?

If you do not see your item in any of our price lists, then select 'Items for cleaning' from 'Accessories' category from LAUNDRY £ or DRY CLEANING £ price list (menu items).

Full Service or Bulk Service?

If you need your items cleaned and pressed or ironed and/or your item is delicate or expensive then you need full service; otherwise bulk service will do.

Our prices for full service include pre-spotting for stain removal, washing or dry cleaning, pressing or ironing and hand finishing. All full service items are cleaned according to manufacturers cleaning label (except for our Shirt Service and Bedlinen products; shirts are washed at 30 degrees and Bedlinen at 40 degrees) and individually priced (e.g. Suits, Shirt Service).

Our prices for bulk service do not include pre-spotting or pressing/ironing. This is a "AS-IS" service, all items are washed and dried together (Service Wash) or dry cleaned together (Bulk Dry Cleaning).

Please note that prices are for standard/regular version of the item. If your item is extra large, heavy, heavily stained, pleated, we usually add 25% to 35% to the advertised price. However we do this sparingly and only when its obvious.
You must check your invoice, emailed to you within 24 hours of collection, and let us know immediately if you are not happy or have any questions regarding a price we have charged you. We will do our best to make sure you are happy with price charged for non-standard item or 'priced after collection' item otherwise we will return the item without cleaning (we are unable to change prices once work has started).

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