Price List

Dress Fastening£10.80
Description: Shorten Straps
Dress Fastening£14.90
Description: Shorten Lined Straps
Dress Fastening£6.80
Description: Shorten Cord Straps
Dress Fastening£9.00
Description: Remove/Replace Zip
Dress Fastening£14.90
Description: New Elastic Waistband
Dress Fastening£1.80
Description: Hook & Eye
Dress Fastening£1.40
Description: Snaps (Small)
Dress Fastening£1.80
Description: Snaps (Medium)
Dress Length£20.30
Description: Shorten with Same Bottom
Dress Length£4.50
Description: Shorten Additional Layer
Dress Length£12.20
Description: Shorten
Dress Length£15.80
Description: Shorten with Lining
Dress Length£15.80
Description: Lengthen
Dress Length£17.60
Description: Lengthen with Tape
Dress Length£6.30
Description: Re-Hem
Dress Other Alterations£18.00
Description: Alter Shoulders
Dress Other Alterations£23.90
Description: Insert Panel
Dress Other Alterations£14.90
Description: Alter Neckline
Dress Other Alterations£8.60
Description: Remove Layer/Frill
Dress Re-Line£27.00
Description: Re-Line
Dress Sides£18.00
Description: Let Out Sides
Dress Sides£14.40
Description: Take In Sides
Dress Sides£11.30
Description: Take In Hips
Dress Sides£18.00
Description: Take In
Dress Waist£11.30
Description: Take In Waist
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