Price List

Shirt Collar£8.60
Description: Turn Collar
Shirt Collar£12.60
Description: Re-Style Collar
Shirt Fastening£2.30
Description: Button Hole
Shirt Fastening£0.90
Description: Button
Shirt Length£9.90
Description: Shorten
Shirt Length£7.20
Description: Shorten Sleeves
Shirt Length£6.30
Description: Shorten Front/Back
Shirt Other Alterations£3.40
Description: Repair Seam
Shirt Other Alterations£5.40
Description: Remove/Replace Vent
Shirt Other Alterations£12.20
Description: Narrow Shoulders
Shirt Pocket£5.40
Description: New Pocket
Shirt Sides£11.30
Description: Take In Sides
Shirt Sleeves£8.60
Description: Short Sleeves, One Sleeve
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