Dry Cleaning Service

Full Service Dry Cleaning

Suits, dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts. Shirts, blouses, scarves and ties. Business wear, formal wear and not so formal wear. Overcoats and raincoats - Zoots does the lot.

All full service items are dry cleaned and pressed according to manufacturers care label. To view dry cleaning prices for full service, select "DRY CLEANING £" from menu above and then select a category (e.g. Suits, Skirts, Trousers).

Bulk Dry Cleaning

Use our Bulk Dry Cleaning product to save over full service prices. It's great for lots of dry cleaning not requiring ironing or special care. Customers often use this service to dry clean everything in the house because of moth/insect infestation (dry cleaning will kill all moths and eggs) or smells. But please remember that this is a bulk service ; everything is cleaned in bulk, no item is individually inspected for stains or buttons covered to avoid damage.

Dry Cleaning in Perc.

The most popular chemical used for dry cleaning is Perchloroethylene, commonly know as "Perc". Your garment care label will have the letter "P" in a circle to signify dry cleaning in Perc. At Zoots we have one of the best Perc dry cleaning machines (Union dry cleaning machines) to perfectly clean and dry your garments.

Experienced Dry Cleaners

Its equally important to have experienced hands handling your garments. Our dry cleaners have a minimum of 15 years experience! Spotting (applying cleaning agents to stains prior to dry cleaning) is a skilled art that can only be mastered with years of experience.

Who does your Dry Cleaning?

Be very careful when selecting your dry cleaner. Make sure your dry cleaner does there own dry cleaning rather then sub-contracting out. Why? Because sub-contractors get paid a fraction of the price and need to cut corners by spending less time pre-spotting garments and employing cheaper, less experienced dry cleaners. How do we know this? The owners, Kasia, Pawel, Obaid, have worked in these establishments prior to opening there own company, Zoots and Zoots..

Garment Care

Garments require regular cleaning to prevent dirt getting into the fabric and causing wear.

Suits, dresses, jackets, trousers and skirts should be cleaned after every few wears. We give attention to detail, items are soft pressed to reduce seam impressions with hand-finished rolled edges for that just new look. We secure and replace standard buttons as needed (up to two buttons are replaced free).

If you have better things to do than lug your dry cleaning to and from the dry cleaners then we will collect it from you and deliver it back. So take the load off your mind and the weight off your feet and leave it to Zoots, the professionals. If you also think that washing, drying and ironing are chores, then we can do your laundry as well.

Collection and delivery is FREE*. So why not Register now?