Laundry Service

Full Service Laundry

Shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts. Casual wear and sports wear. Underwear and nightwear. Cotton, linens and woollens. Bedlinen, table linen and towelling - Zoots does the lot.

Most full service laundry, except our Shirt and Bedlinen service, are cleaned and pressed according to manufacturers care label. Shirts are washed at 30 degrees and Bedlinen at 40 degrees. To view laundry prices for full service, select "LAUNDRY £" from menu above and then select a category (e.g. Shirt Service, Bedlinen, Trouser

Service Wash (Bulk Wash)

Use our Service Wash product to save over full service prices. This service is also known as a "Bulk Wash" or "Wash, Dry and Fold Service". It's great for lots of laundry not requiring ironing or special care. Its like having a launderette at your door. We recommend this service for towels, underwear, socks and any washable item not requiring special care. When adding this item to your cart you will also be able to select your soap, stain remover and conditioner preferences.

When using our bulk services please make sure all your items are ok to be washed in bulk.

Know your Laundry

All items require regular laundering to prevent dirt getting into the fabric and causing wear. Stains should be laundered immediately as they can also damage the fabric. Stains also set with age making them difficult or impossible to remove.

Shirts and blouses, for example, should be laundered after every wear to maintain their quality and minimise damage caused by stains. Bedlinen needs laundering weekly due to the moisture it absorbs.

At the end of each season ensure everything is laundered or dry cleaned before putting it away until next year.

Leave it to Zoots

If you have better things to do than washing, drying and ironing then we will collect it from you and deliver it back, perfectly washed, dried and ironed. So take a load off your mind and the weight off your feet and leave it to Zoots, the professionals.

London laundry collection and delivery really is FREE*. So why not Register now?